Our projects

Mariam Elevate Awareness

A Swiss non-profit Association

The actions of the association, whose goal is to raise levels of human dignity, target and give priority to projects supporting access to clean drinking water, access to education and information.


Mariam Elevate Awareness decided to support the extraordinary work accomplished in Togo by NGO 123 ACTION, which has already drilled more than 25 wells in Togo over the last two years.

We want to assist to facilitate recognition of the effectiveness and accomplishment of the 123 ACTION association.

Mariam Elevate Awareness further wants to raise funds to finance access to drinking water in North Togo by installing wells under the expertise of 123 ACTION. To this end, we intend to produce a 26 minutes documentary on water and access to safe drinking water in the world.


To assist the population in the Western Cape, suffering from the prolonged effects of drought in South Africa, Mariam Elevate Awareness has chosen the Swiss innovation company, Nereid SA, specialized in the desalination of seawater through revolutionary technology, to desalinate the existing naturally available water resource to supply the inhabitants of Cape Town with safe, potable drinking water but also water for hygiene/sanitation, industry, basic living necessities at significantly less than the cost of traditional desalination units.

Mariam Elevate Awareness is working to raise funds to make this project a reality, thereby assisting to realise the basic human right to water, and ultimately, for the poor and marginalized, to save lives. The project will also, by providing a reliable source of clean water to the region, serve to maintain the attractiveness of the region as a hub for economic opportunity arising from the tourism sector.


In the streets of Kabul, many children work to provide for their families, as well as to enable other siblings to go to school, by selling sticks of enscent or collecting cardboard boxes or plastic bottles at the expense of their studies.

The Aschiana Foundation supports children who wish to come to spend part of the day learning to draw or to play music.

Mariam Elevate Awareness, in collaboration with the Friends of the Aschiana Foundation, intends to organize in Geneva, a charity event to raise awareness of the magnificent Afghan culture and publicize the Aschiana Foundation’s incredible work to help poor children, raising funds to finance projects required by the Aschiana Foundation for the benefit of children from this region.

Mariam Elevate Awareness intends to travel to Kabul and produce a 26 minute documentary on Afghan children, to be broadcast across European television channels including TF1, ARTE, etc.